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Our Real Reason We Roast


“Coffee in the cup should deliver on the promise of the aromas of freshly ground coffee”


Until we achieve that, there is no rest for our team.

“Flavour not bitterness” is the chorus echoing around our cupping table.

The pursuit starts with sourcing and farm visits. Relationship coffee and a lot of time in dodgy 4×4’s in dodgy lands. Micro-lots of exquisite green beans from the best farms, with the most dedication to their craft.

So with award winning beans in hand, we set out to allow their flavours through. “You cannot polish a turd”  we were once told. But we can mess up perfection. It is our job not to. We cup every single roast. We then use the electronic data-logging on our, now computerised, vintage ’40s Probat roaster (the Colossus) to see where we went right or wrong, and that allows us to learn. And damned if we will ever stop learning.

We then mix the individually roasted single origins into our beloved blends. Care, and empirical testing, and micro improvements are made from week to week.

Although we do not consider ourselves a green company, we are the only roastery in the world roasting 100% on Bio-fuel. Used frying oil from restaurants is repurposed. Because we believe one is either part of the solution or part of the problem.

We believe in a process of continuous learning. The reason our quality is so widely recognised is because we are constantly striving for a better way.

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Barista School


Be a Barista

Do you have your heart set on being a Barista as your future career? Just want to make that perfect cup at home? Want to learn the difference between a good and bad cup

or what makes an Extraordinary cup of coffee? Our Barista school is what you need then. Fun & informal, but deep and detailed, hopefully never boring or mundane.

Perfect for the inner coffee geek to come solo, or the group coffee klatch drinkers to come as a group.

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The Barista School

HQ – Best in World – Famous Steampunk


Telegraph UK listed it #1 best coffee shops in the World

The Cafe. Steampunk. World’s Best (they said) World’s coolest (they also said)


Who the hell are they anyhow? Well The Daily Telegraph and Guardian Newspapers we guess. Anyway. Expect an experience. 36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town.

The heart of the Fringe District. Good fun. Don’t be put off by the steampunk environment. This ain’t Disneyland. This is coffee central. A Quality focus. Not a themepark.

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Cafe Info

Food, coffee, even booze.

Listed as one of Cape Town’s top ten live Music Venues.


Wholesale Coffee


Having a world-renowned cafe can seem to distract from our core business. Roasting coffee. It is what we are. What drives us.

The real Joy of Extraordinary Truth.

We live to spread our coffee to quality focussed Offices, Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels.

We are serious in how we do things. Perhaps a little uncompromising. 

We help with every stage, Equipment selection and supply to set-up to Baristas and Barista Training. Ensuring workable clean equipment is on site. Repairs and maintenance are par for the course. A professional team who care. Please ask our Clients.



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